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How can your business stand out from the crowd this Christmas?

Posted: 13th December 2012

What is Santa bringing for your company this Xmas?Everyone does Xmas cards or Xmas emails...but what can your business do that is different to stand out from the crowd?

It is a great opportunity to 'touch' your customers...but everyone else is aiming to as well. Brainstorm how you can be different.

  • Can you have an open night after hours in early December? So your customers can get great deals at a convenient time (and the parking is so much easier on week nights!).
  • Perhaps chat to the shops close to you and see if they too want to open up the same evening and you can make it a great event! Santa
  • Service businesses can help make the shopping list shorter with easy to buy gift vouchers online - let your Facebook followers know and they get a special code to get a discount.
  • Send out the gift voucher on gorgeous stationery; maybe with a 'throw in some love' little gift for the purchaser to say 'thanks'.
  • Go the extra mile. Think about surprising your customers. Merry Xmas from IML Design!

If it is too late to organise something for this Christmas, whilst you are in the 'Christmas spirit', think about what you would like to do next year and pop it in the diary for October to start preparing!

Thank you to all of our customers for supporting us through 2012 and we look forward to helping you and your business with great websites and IT support again in 2013!


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