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Customer Newsletters - are they still relevant?

Posted: 6th July 2012

With all the social media around these days, are client newsletters still relevant? Do people still read them?

The answer is 'it depends'.

It depends on your target audience. MailChimp
It depends on the content of what you are saying.
It depends on how often you send them.
It depends on if it offers the reader something.

Offering the reader doesn't have to mean a discount to your products & services, but something they can take away after reading it. An inspiration, some knowledge, an answer to a problem.

I read a fair number of newsletters and I always give the first one I receive a reasonable read through. However depending on whether it has met my criteria (and each person's criteria will be different!) determines whether I keep subscribed and keep reading them when they come in.

Hints & Tips
Frequency: don't send them out every day or even every week unless you have something REALLY useful to say / offer. Personally I think monthly is ample.

Design: it has to look good. If it is all text and no images or if it has typos, spelling mistakes, low quality images then it will get unsubscribed to quickly.

Content: it has to say something useful. Not all about your business... it isn't just a marketing plug opportunity for you. You need to be giving something to the reader.... do you have an explanation about something that is happening in your industry? Maybe a link to an indepth article or video presentation? Do you have some free tips to give your customers on how to make the most of your products? Links to training videos? Anything that is perceived by the customer to be of value. Always tough deciding this! Ask your customers, ask your staff, friends and family.

MailChimp Dashboard Feedback: using a program such as MailChimp gives great feedback on your newsletters. How many people opened your newsletter, how many clicked on things, and which links. This can focus the content for your next newsletter and get an understanding of areas that interest your clients.

Customer Experience: BM Tech has started sending out customer newsletters and have received a boost in their car service bookings. The newsletter reminded lapsed customers and new contacts about the ease of online booking and hey presto! new business.

Getting Started: We can assist you in setting up a marketing campaign using MailChimp - just give us a call on 03 9016 0586.

Stay tuned for an upcoming article about how to plan your content!


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