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Want your website on iPads and iPhones?

Posted: 5th June 2012

Responsive Web Design.
IML Design create iPad and iphone friendly websites This is quite the buzz word in the web design industry at the moment. What it means is that a website is designed so that it resizes nicely and with some style when viewing on a large monitor desktop computer, a laptop screen, or on an iPad or a smartphone.

The one website, just different layout depending on where you are viewing it from.

We have (finally!) updated our website IML Design
[and yes we made the worst customer with our demands, constant changes and even making changes as it was going live!].

Our first step in the process was to determine exactly what we wanted our website to achieve for our business and what we wanted it to look like.
Want it to achieve:
to showcase our portfolio of work and customers testimonials
to be a responsive design to show prospective clients and existing customers what this new website design style can be
Want it to look like: crisp and clean

We think we have achieved these goals - let us know what you think! (via facebook).

If you are interested in a refresh of your website (or you know someone who needs one) give us a call.


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