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Heard about Pinterest but no idea what it is?

Posted: 7th May 2012

Pinterest is a social site (yes another one!) that allows you to 'pin' any image from a website or one of your own pictures into collections (called Boards). It's fun, simple and already the third most popular social media site in the world!

You might have seen icons encouraging you to 'Pin It' next to images on the web IML Design pinterest
We have put one on our Services page under the cloud lightbulb image for you to see how it works.

You organise your pins onto boards: so you can have a board with images you love about kitchens if you are redesigning yours - or one of clothes you like from various shops.

Your pins are not private, they are displayed to the world and others can see them and repin them as well. You can also follow other pinners or a particular board. Check out mine at www.pinterest.com/belvesvalley

A lot of big name brands have signed up and you can follow them to see what their design style and products are like. Check out http://pinterest.com/kikkik/ to see what Kikki-K put up.

So... how can Pinterest help your business? It is another way to get your products out there and be seen (and re-pinned) by people. Pinterest is quickly becoming a great referral site as your pins and the re-pins are linked back to your website. It is all about great images, so if you sell products you can have a 'Pin It' badge on each product page to easily allow people to share your fabulous products in Pinterest.

Call us to talk about whether Pinterest could help your business and how to get the Pin It buttons set up.


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